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Kings County, New York City

Since the late 1890s, Brooklyn, NY has been coterminous with Kings County – the largest borough in New York City. In modern days, Brooklyn is a thriving hub of high-tech startup firms, entrepreneurship, art, family-owned businesses, an design.

Here in Brooklyn, many weather changes happen throughout the year. Some outdated plumbing systems have not been renovated since the 1800s. A city where people live fast paced lives and are always out and about – home maintenance is often neglected. As a result, water damages from leaky pipes and poorly installed HVACS (heating, ventilating and air conditioning units) are more common than you think. Because of the dense population, it’s crucial residential and commercial property owners fix these damages right away.


Mold Damage Prevention

Any home can easily get infected by mold after a leaking roof or rusted plumbing leak. Mold is airborne and swiftly spread throughout a home and can spread throughout your property within 48-72 hours of infestation. It can produce many allergens and irritants that can lead to other health impairments. Additionally, mold produces persisting odor which can give you a hard time in your home.

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Therefore, prevention of water damage in your home would also help minimize mold damage. It’s very important you follow these tips to help ensure your home is free from water damage as well as mold damage:

  • Always removed all forms of moisture in your home – mold thrives on moisture thus there is need you to take urgent steps to remove all forms of moisture in your house.


  • Check for any major causes. The typical causes of moisture results from a leaky roof or a leaky pipe. Find these causes and fix them immediately.


  • Keep your home humidity under check: Mold thrives in places with high humidity. Keeping your indoor humidity below 45 degrees will surely help you and this will certainly help in controlling mold damage.


Mold Removal NYCMold spores are microscopic –  you cannot see them with your naked eye. That is when the assistance of an expert comes in. Many companies will claim that they can provide you with mold removal NYC services; however, only Brooklyn Water Damage Repair and Restoration will provide the best and complete services for residential and commercial properties in New York City.


Be Advised

Water damage and mold growth shouldn’t be underestimated because ignored warning signs of water damage can lead to severe property damage. The cause and effect of water and mold damage needs to be dealt with immediately.

Our knowledge and experience in the field will help you with water damage restoration and mold removal. Additionally, this keeps us on the right track for full restoration of water and mold damage. We hope our article opened your eyes to the various reasons why and how you can prevent them.



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