20 Tips for Water Damage Prevention

20 Tips for Water Damage Prevention

No one wants a shower that no longer runs – or a house flooded with water. We all want our home water systems to run properly while avoiding any type of flooding. Water damage restoration services can become costly, it’s best to avoid these accidents from happening as much as possible. Below are 20 tips for water damage prevention in order to help you prevent water damage from even occurring in the first place.

These tips by Brooklyn Water Damage Repair & Restoration will help you discover water damage before it’s too late. Additionally, we will coach you on how to fix and recover from water damage.


Water Damage Tips

Here Are 20 Water Damage Tips

1) Always ensure good drainage:

A poor drainage system will create cracks and uneven settling in your foundation. This will lead to weak foundation which can eventually make your house to collapse. You can prevent this by routinely cleaning out your gutters.


2) Ensure you always test your sump pumps regularly:

Sump pumps are always useful during storms. Don’t wait until the storm arrives to check if yours is working properly. Although they are mainly used for basements Sump pumps is useful in removing water that has over accumulated.With this device you can be assured to deposit the water elsewhere.


3) Always check for water leaks and promptly fix them:

Water leaks lead to mold and mildew growth. If you discover any leaks fix it immediately. This will save you from greater damages caused by these leaks in the future. Sometimes pipes can break and leak through cracks of walls. Check for cracking around the ceiling or corners of your living space.


4) Slope your yard:

Always keep water flowing away from your house and not into it, a well-sloped yard will help you to achieve this. You can do this by hiring a professional landscaper for this task in order to prevent future flooding. Sloped yards also provide better results after a storm or weather change when dealing with water damage prevention.


5) Check your downspouts:

A good downspout is directed 5 to 10 feet away from the house, always ensure your downspouts are at these positions. This allows to drain overflow of water from your roofing. This can help with water damage in leakage being the biggest causes within walls and cracks as well as rusting. Water damage prevention can start with the smallest changes.


6) Plant in the right spots:

Some plants have invasive roots that can compromise your drainage system. Inspect the area to see if there is any erosion around the surface of the property. In case of further damages you will have to extract the plant and start over.


7) Check your ceiling and attic:

Perform regular check ups on your ceiling and attic, if you spot any wet spots; immediately get help. You can tell where there has been some damages based on the wrinkles and odd spacing spots between the wallpaper and paint.


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8) Repair old bathtub, showers, and sinks:

Leaking bathtub and showers can easily flood your home, keep all leaks fixed and save yourself from preventable floods. This kind of prevention will help when dealing with the causes before they occur.


9) Keep close eyes on your water bill:

Pay a close attention to your water bill, any spontaneous increase in your water bill might be results of a leak.


10) Check the roof:

Check your roof for any damage that may cause water to enter into your house.Water Damage Tips


11) Avoid using chemicals drain cleaner:

Chemical drain cleaners weaken pipes – which will ultimately lead to leaks. Use a drain snake instead as this can be a great solution provided by our 20 tips for water damage prevention.


12) Inspect your washing machine supply line:

Always make sure your washing machine supply lines are in good condition.


13) Avoid pouring fat and grease down your sink:

Fat and grease will prevent water flowing down your sink and this may lead to flooding.


14) Check the floor surrounding your sink, toilet, and bathtub regularly:

These floors will be a good and fast indicator of a leaking pipe. Usually signs for leaking pipes will make your floors wet unusually. If you feel that your floors are always wet you should call your landlord.


15) Check your humidity level:

A good humidity check may help prevent mildew and mold, your house humidity should not be over 50 degrees.


16) Inspect your hot water heater:

Check for any sign of corrosion and ensure you adhere to your maintenance guidelines. One of the biggest 20 tips for water damage prevention is water perspiration from heating and breakage.


17) Clean up any moisture as soon as you can:

Don’t leave any water on your floor, mop it off as soon as you can. if you have any spare towels that you no longer need that is also an option. As the towel will soak the water at a faster rate rather than a single mop. Open your windows to eliminate any further moisture in the air as this will dry the surrounding area.


18) Remove and do away with any damage pipes:

Don’t manage damaged pipes, remove or replace them from your home. You should always contact a professional before handling construction if you have no experience. As this will further make damages to your home.


19) Contact good plumbers:

A good plumber will help you check and repair any faulty water system. They should come to your emergency with a license  and proceed to help dissolve the issue within an hour. Beware that debris will come to surface and any property damages will not be covered by their services.


20) Install new sealed floors:

Once your floor has been damaged by water, install new floors and remove the old ones. This helps ensure that the debris caused by the plumbing and water damages can not be harmful to your health and living space. It is best to clean as much as possible before placing the new tiles on the floor.


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We hope these 20 water damage tips helped you prevent water damage in your property.  Water damage also causes unwanted mold growth, so solving the problem as soon as possible is a must!

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